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paul edwards

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race cam King award
« on: April 18, 2010, 10:21:54 AM »
Hi all
Hope l’m not speaking out of turn here but l would love to see an annual award for the best in car racecame type of video from the alfa club members.
      I’m a signwriter by trade, and l’m happy to help make up something, like maybe an old handy cam with a set of 1-10thscale rc. wheels mounted to it, and then mount that on a nice peace of polished red gum. It could be handed to the winner of each year for 12mths. With their name on it, and then returned for the next year, its just an idea to get the ball rolling.   Maybe some movie and dinner tickets as well would get the Girls into it more, (chocolates) any input would be great.

There are many great vides such as the,  Frank Musco  FoSC Bathurst 2010, first practice/quail…  “unfreakenbelievable”

Another that springs to mind was back in 2005,” Dulux alfa gtv6 at Phillip Island Historics 2005”    Brilliant driving, very committed, and the sound of that beautiful 2.5v6  ” WOW “
Its just a start, l look forward to some feed back, good, bad or ugly
Cheers Paul