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New to this forum
« on: March 24, 2009, 11:38:32 AM »
Morning - just thought i'd introduce myself to the forum.

My name is Daniel and i am an alfa-holic. Fresh out of Uni and already all my money has been wasted on a 74' Spider, 88' 75 twin spark, 02' 147 (daily driver) which i am now reluctantly selling and my first Alfa is probably my passion - a 79' Alfetta 2000 sedan with the square headlights which my grandparents have owned from new and passed down to me - has done 150,000kms from new and never ever had any work done - not even the tappets - the most reliable Alfa i have ever known from this era!

I am currently and have been for 6 months or so now interested in getting my hands on a 155 after my acquisition of the 75 twin spark a year ago as a weekend toy. I am particularly interested in acquiring the updated wide body twin spark with the more responsive steering or a 155 Q4 although i know this is nigh on impossible!

Thanks for all the help i will receive in advance of me asking the questions (because i know i will) and i look forward to inputting on the forum!
79' Alfetta 2000
74' Spider
03' 147 GTA