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GTA RHD production and sales
« on: November 19, 2021, 12:46:50 PM »
I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I was interested to work out how many RHD 156 GTAs may have been produced and sold globally, as well as how many GTAs made their way to Australia.

So I contacted Marco Fazio at Alfa records in Arese, and he was very helpful.

I have attached the spreadsheet he gave me, which in short, estimated global 'standard' 156 sedan GTA production at 2,623 vehicles and total 156 GTA production at 4,657 - which includes all Sportwagons and Selespeeds.

Marco advised there was no internal code or number which identified RHD vehicles, so the only way to work it out would be to tally up cars sent to RHD markets. On my calculations that would indicate 1,045 RHD manual sedans were sold globally.

While I have no doubt the global totals are fairly accurate, the individual breakdown by country is clearly misleading as it states only 2 GTAs were exported to Australia and only 1 to NZ.  (Can't be correct - there are at least 4 in Perth alone). I do recall reading on another forum that someone had asked ATECO which estimated it had imported something like 126 GTA sedans into Australia. That sounds a bit more realistic.

So I wonder if the Australian cars may have actually been imported from another RHD market, most likely Japan, which on Marco's numbers received 667 sedans. Marco didn't know, but its' the only explanation I can think of. My only other theory is that maybe the official figures reflect initial volume allocations for individual markets, which were different to the numbers actually despatched.
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