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Twin Spark wet weather setup
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:24:51 PM »
Rarely is wet weather setup discussed and the freedoms allowed by TS regulations in this regard. 
The most recent Twin Spark Cup rules allow camber adjustment up to a maximum of 30 and adjustable brake bias.
The camber (and caster) is allowed to be adjusted via offset / eccentric control arm bushings, however the brake bias cannot be adjusted by the driver while seated in the driving position.
These freedoms though, allow significant wet weather setup adjustment.
Whatever camber setting you feel is quickest in the dry will be no good in the wet.  Same can be said for brake bias.  Camber should be at least halved in the wet and brake bias adjusted to maybe 30% less to the front and 30% more to the rear.  Given the tyres will produce less grip in the wet and therefore distort less, heaps of negative camber means less rubber is in contact with the track surface.  Excessive camber when not needed is also no good for grip when braking.
As the reduction in grip when wet also increases braking distances / reduces load on the front tyres, some of the front braking effort should be transferred to the rear to re-balance braking. 
Try it.  I'm interested to hear back from those who have tested this.
A bit of toe out in the wet cant hurt either!
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