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Re: Project car - 1989 75 3.0 V6 [Updated 12 October 2021]
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October 2021 - Part 3

With the pinion gear depth finalised, I started reassembling the gearbox.

This was the cleaned shift rod for 5th/R gears.  The circumferential detent, near the shift fork, was for the spring loaded ball to hold the rod in Neutral, and allow the sausage-shaped interlock plunger to drop into.  Alongside this, the small detent for the ball to help lock in Reverse gear. This detent was not circumferential because the rod needed to push the interlock plunger out into the adjacent (3rd/4th gear) shift rod, locking that rod in N and preventing it from accidentally sliding at the same time.

Further along was the recess for the R gear button switch, that activated the reverse lights.  The tip of the button sits in the recess until R gear is selected.

The workshop manual recommended using AGIP Grease 33/FD bentonite clay grease to lubricate the detent balls and interlock plungers.  Penrite Bentone HD Grease was unavailable, so I used Castrol Spheerol HTB (High Temperature Bearing grease thickened with bentonite clay).

Bentonite clay greases are apparently incompatible with many other greases, so the relevant parts were cleaned carefully of old grease.  I also sourced a new container bolt to replace the one with the damaged head.

After the 5th/R rod was fitted, I reinserted the lower interlock plunger.  In the photo, it's clearly on view because it was not fully seated into the hole.

The 3rd/4th gear shift rod was cleaned for refitment.  There was a circumferential detent for the interlock plungers and detent ball, and a groove for the fork bolt that orientates the fork at the correct angle.

3rd/4th gear shift rod refitted, and the upper interlock plunger.

1st/2nd gear shift rod cleaned.

The final rod refitted, and container bolts with springs and detent balls partly screwed back into position.  I will add sealant before screwing the bolts down completely.

This was a new main control shift rod.  This should help remove any sloppiness in the shift action.

I covered the splines on the main shaft in preparation for sliding it through the new oil seal in the gearbox casing, to prevent damage.

By next month, the gearbox should be reassembled.

No new performance parts to show this month.  Thanks again for looking.  8)
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