Author Topic: New use for old but still good exhaust?  (Read 2386 times)

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New use for old but still good exhaust?
« on: June 16, 2021, 10:36:41 AM »
Not so long ago on my GT 3.2 I replaced the stock exhaust with a SS Cat Back system.
The middle silencer had developed a large hole and had been replaced with a straight pipe and the rest of it was still in good condition.
Since the change out, I have a mostly stock V6 cat back system sitting in my garage.

Since I also have a 156 2.0 T-spark, I was wondering if the V6 system will fit on the T-spark.
Supposedly the GT and 156 GTA V6 cat back systems are the same, is there any difference in hangar placing under the car to the 4 cylinder system?
The 156 has had a sport cat fitted, other than that completely stock.

I don't know if it would be any significant improvement over the standard system other than looking a bit 'cooler'?
Mostly it's just that I would feel better taking a 156 2.0 exhaust to the tip rather than the Busso V6 system.
Also it's free to anyone who wants to pick it up or get it sent to them.