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Giulietta QV questions
« on: December 30, 2020, 12:53:18 PM »
Hi guys,
I wanted to ask the forum some questions regarding ownership of a GQV.
I have seen a number of them with around 150-160kms, and wondering what normally needs replacement after or around this mileage?
From what I am reading, older model alfas normally require front end bushes and control arm replacements, around this mileage.

Any idea what maintenance I could expect over and above the normal oil and filter changes, tyres, brakes?

Cheers Rob


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Re: Giulietta QV questions
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2020, 05:03:15 PM »
Most any car will need a suspension refresh at 150K km.

That said, the previous generation 156/147/GT were notorious for chewing through front wishbone and ARB suspension bushes like they were made of chocolate.  The Giulietta doesnít have this problem at all (in my experience).

My 2011 GQV is about to hit 145K km.  I bought it from the PO at 78K km a little over three years ago.  I would say it was an average car that received scheduled maintenance.  On the first service we found a few kilos of concrete splashed on the under tray earning her the nickname Barney rubble.  Whomever drove it wore a ring, as anywhere a hand went, there were/ are numerous scratches.. Iím not arsed, itís a daily and lives in D

I have done the following

1. Waterpump, aux/cam belts, tensioners and idlers (due to water pump bearing failure at around 88K km)
2. Major service items at the same time (OE plugs, oil, all filters excl. fuel) and then every 12mths following.
3. New battery, front rotors and pads (OE Alfa)... rears (original) still okay
4. New (very) front undertray (OE Alfa.. less concrete)
5. New engine mount RH side/aux end (OE Alfa).. cured vibrating RH wing mirror
6. New set of Michelin PS4 tyres (revelation, amazing) - fitted new OE teledials (my preference)
7. New thermostat (OE Alfa) and OE coolant tank (just because, shiney).. original failed open
8. Rear tailgate wiring loom repairs (me, soldering iron, beer)
9. New front drop links (OE Alfa).. rattling, turned out LH side had just come undone, replaced anyway
10. 2nd hand MAF (Wreckers, OE Alfa made of unobtanium)
11. New precat O2 sensor (new OE).. original dead
12. Repair to split intercooler/ throttle body turbo hose (OE Alfa made of unobtanium)
13. New windscreen washer pump, repaired rear water hose, split near battery (perished)
14. Cleaned and greased (silicon based) sunroof rails/ mechanism.. tends to bind every year after rain/ wet season (tropics)

15. About to install the following (pending OE Hose being delivered/COVID); OE front rotors/pads, rear pads/ rotors, OE MAF, OE Cambelt cover (original crumbles), major service (plugs, filters, oils), OE wipers, OE petrol tank/flap in and solenoid (preventive maintenance). 

Next waterpump, aux/cam belt isnít due for a couple of years/60K kms
I might do the shocks ( all round) if I can get OE reasonably priced.
It has common issue with the heater blending flap solenoid (common, Not an issue in tropics)
It has common issue with intermittent wing mirror temp sensor (common, only an issue for a few moments after a car wash)

Other than the original water pump failure (caught before the belt shredded) and the current turbo hose issue, the car has never left me at the side of the road.  Mind you limp mode (MAF/turbo hose) is bloody boring as my car lives in D.

I can think of another car Iíve had that was this reliable or as much giggles .. I also canít think of anything Iíd replace it with other than a Stelvio, and I canít fine one in my colour/spec choice, so happy to wait until I do.
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Re: Giulietta QV questions
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2020, 08:29:25 AM »
thanks Craig, I appreciate the honest and detailed info.
I tend to agree, giggles and fun to drive is what Iím looking for.
Iím going to group a mid life crisis so needs something that makes me feel special