Author Topic: anyone in Brissy with a 105 2000 GTV  (Read 2580 times)

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anyone in Brissy with a 105 2000 GTV
« on: October 05, 2020, 08:48:55 AM »
Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone in Brisbane would let me come and have a look at their 105 GTV 2000 as I am putting one back together and am a bit lost on where some things go. I am happy to provide I.D etc if people are worried that I am up to something sinister, but honestly all I want is a few photos of under the hood and maybe under the car-people can vette the photos if they want to prove I am not trying to steal build plates etc.
I live in CQ but i am currently in Brissy for a few weeks as I had to bring the better half down for medical reasons.
Any help would be greatly appreciated and feel free to call or text on the below number.