Author Topic: Looking to swap: black GTV Bootlid  (Read 2443 times)

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Looking to swap: black GTV Bootlid
« on: July 12, 2006, 11:35:42 AM »
Hello all,

I've recently bought a black 1998 GTV V6 with a rear spoiler fitted. I don't like the spoiler and want to remove it. I've been quoted $850 by a body shop to have it removed, the holes filled, and all associated body work. I could then sell the spoiler, but would still be hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

A better idea may be to find another owner of a black GTV V6 or Twin Spark who doesn't have the spoiler but would like one, and just swap bootlids. That way I get the result I'm after for free, while the other owner gets essentially a free spoiler.

If anyone is willing to swap bootlids like this, please contact me at e_volpert<at> or on 0408 393 390.