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John Hanslow

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Giulietta Purchase Experience
« on: April 29, 2020, 06:36:39 AM »
I am an owner of a 2011 model Giulietta QV. This model has the 1750 turbo engine, lowered sports suspension, sports seats and 18” wheels as standard.

So, let’s look at my purchase experience in 2017. I was in need of a replacement Alfa Romeo and I did note that the early models were incredibly good value. However, I believe it is essential to always undertake a few basic checks to determine if the purchase price is reasonable:
•   Service history: to determine what has been done, and if there are any immediate costs for RWC;
•   What needs to be done in future & likely costs: e.g. full service, timing belt, tyres, suspension etc.

Some Work Involved
If you have decided on a car, then I also suggest that you arrange to take the car to a local Alfa specialist workshop (*) for a pre purchase inspection. Note, that this is not the same as a RWC, but in dealing with an Alfa specialist they have the knowledge and experience to provide specific advice on the condition of your selected car and should be able to highlight any issues that it might have.
Do not forget to ask what needs to be done in the future too. You will want to know when the tyres might need replacing, or that a full service including timing belt might be due in a few months’ time. The cost of a pre purchase inspection is minimal, considering the peace of mind it provides; you do not want to gamble on the consequences of past poor servicing or hidden issues.

The Deal

I researched online for suitable cars for sale, i.e. “Giulietta QV”, at what I considered a reasonable price, on the basis that car would be sold with a RWC - possibly after items were repaired. I contacted the seller.

Mauceri Motors have attended to all servicing and mechanical repairs on my Giulietta since purchase. This has resulted in over three years of trouble-free ownership, despite the car being nine years old.
The car has been serviced regularly, had the timing belt changed and had various suspension items replaced. The correct specification tyres have been fitted, in this case Pirelli P7s, and a full wheel alignment to Australian road conditions – which is the cheapest performance improvement available.
It is really important to have the vehicle serviced correctly by a knowledgeable Alfa specialist. A timing belt change must also include a new water pump and auxiliary belts as well.
At today’s prices (say from $7,500) a preowned Giulietta is excellent value if you purchase wisely.

* Links to recommended Melbourne Alfa Romeo Specialists are listed on the website and in AROCA Newsletter.

Later, I will provide a follow up article detailing modifications made to my Giulietta.

2011 Giulietta QV

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Re: Giulietta Purchase Experience
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2020, 01:55:16 PM »
Hi John, I've got a 159 so I've managed to get my daughter on board with wanting an Alfa Romeo Guiletta soon so any info you post up would be very helpful.