Author Topic: 2011 Giulietta QV - too much play in lower control arm?  (Read 3035 times)

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2011 Giulietta QV - too much play in lower control arm?
« on: December 07, 2019, 10:06:05 AM »
Hi all,
Just trying to figure out a clunking noise that seemed to be coming from the left side suspension. Swaybar endlinks, swaybar bushings, struts, and tie rods all seemed good. Then I came across this play in the lower control arm:
I am guessing this much play is normal? Any advice is much appreciated!


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Re: 2011 Giulietta QV - too much play in lower control arm?
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2019, 11:17:30 AM »
I had a passenger side drop link that undid itself causing a clunk (unless cornering).

No idea how it came undone, it seemed original to the car as it was very worn (2011 QV)
Replaced both sides with new OEM
Easy to do, wheel off, change drop link, wheel on.
These parts are cheap, do yourself a favour, takes less than an hour.

I noted at the time that you might be able to do ARB bushes in situation (unlike 147/156/GT)
I was concerned that something else might undo itself and fall off.. but the feeling passed :)

Pretty sure I need to do the rest of the engine mounts and a variator pulley - or just buy a Stelvio

So far (if I exclude std. service items) the only things Iíve had to replace are an engine mount, thermostat and repair the rear tailgate looms.

Things Iím living with include..

An issue with one of the servos in the climate control that means no LH fan heat (common)
The thermocouple in the wing mirror is dodgy. Gives 20degC after a car wash and 39degC spontaneously (could be right though, which is why Iím not worried about the lack of heat) - also common (bad ground)
Blue&me Bluetooth to phone drops out 1min into every call (common)
Noisy high pressure fuel pump/injectors (standard or ďfactoryĒ with the 1750tbi)
Pretty sure one of the variators in the cam pulley is fucked as I donít have the same ďpullĒ down low anymore, big flat spot and hesitation now.. but my tame mechanic disagrees

Iíd have to say though, after 130,000km itís been utterly reliable^.  All the issues noted above are common to this model and some even have Alfa recall fixes (in real countries, with actual governments for the people)

^  the water pump bearing shat itself a little while after I bought it resulting in the cambelt shredding itself and very nearly toasting the whole engine, but I realised what was happening in time, and a belt change was due(ish).... itís like a hot GF, we make excuses
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