Author Topic: Corroded Carello headlight reflector a DIY on Renewal.  (Read 626 times)

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Corroded Carello headlight reflector a DIY on Renewal.
« on: August 17, 2019, 12:40:50 PM »
Find below is a simple step by step process for the subject headlight/s.  Additionally modification to allow new angel eyes to be retro fitted to existing wiring forms part of this process. It must be noted that new Carello headlights are no longer available for RHD vehicles.
Photo # 1.  Headlight with corroded reflector (Photo # 1 BEFORE & AFTER).
Step 1.       Purchase of new 5 semi sealed headlight/s either H1 or in my case H4 assembly incorporating parking light.
Step 2      Grind with cut off wheel the back of old headlight to create an adaptor ring, thus enabling fixing to the existing mount arrangement. Care to be taken during this process so as not to risk personal injury and damage to Carello glass lense. To prevent sparks from damaging glass, it is recommended to fill headlight with water to the top of the lense and the use of Safety glasses whilst cutting. After grinding to desired shape, prime and paint mount ring ready for assembly and bonding (see Step 6).
Step 3       To maintain period correct specification and meet ADR for RHD vehicles, the Carello lense fitted to the old light assembly needs to removed. This is done by carefully cutting out the sealant and detaching it from the reflector.  If not utilising Carello lense go to step 6.
Step 4.      Remove lense from new headlight assembly. The simplest method here is to gently break lense and carefully remove broken pieces from reflector. Again care to be taken not to risks injury or damaging reflector body. Cut sealant to aid removal and use safety glasses during this step. Do not use solvents or steel wool to remove silicone as this will damage/lift silvering from reflector.   
Step 5.      Prepare the new reflector for sealing the lense by applying a bead of the appropriate silicone around the perimeter of reflector. Only use a sufficient amount to the outer edge to avoid excess spillage to the inner surface of reflector.
Step 6.       After sealant has cured in Step 5 or converting outer headlights to Angel eyes or new standard semi sealed beam headlight assembly, the need to apply the outer mount ring in the correct configuration with respect to parking light and arrow at the top of lense. Apply a sufficient amount of epoxy to bond mount ring to the body of reflector. As a minimum requirement apply 4 equally spaced sections of 20mm long epoxy bonding. After curing of epoxy apply a bead of silicone around the perimeter of light housing and outer mount ring. Please note that if converting to Angel Eyes, orientation is per manufactures requirement normally with arrow head identifying top of light.  See Photo # 2
Step 7..      Assemble stainless steel headlight dress trim to light assembly, mount globes in preparation for assembly to vehicle. LHS or RHS configuration. See Photo 3
Step 8.       Connect wiring to light assembly, check operation and mount and adjust light to the required levelling. See Photo 4
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