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women ,105s and bathurst!
« on: October 08, 2018, 09:11:25 PM »

Marie Beaumont came 6th in 1975 in an alfa gtv 2000
against L34s and falcon GTs evidently the little beast was clocked doing 235kmh down conrod

1962 Diane Leighton/Anne Bennett/Pam Murison, Simca Aronde, 3rd in Class C
1963 Lorraine Hill/Warren Blomfield, Morris Major Elite, 16th in Class B
1964 Lorraine Hill/Brian Reed, Hillman Imp, 13th in Class A
1967 Jan Richardson/Midge Whiteman, Morris 1100S, 4th in Class B
1968 Christine Cole/Midge Whiteman Morris Mini Deluxe, 5th in Class A
1969 Sandra Bennett/Arthur Olsen, Morris Mini K, 4th in Class A
1969 Diane Dickson/Max Dickson, Ford Cortina 240, 6th in Class C
1969 Christine Cole/Lynne Keefe, Fiat 125, DNF
1969 Ann Thomson/Carole Corness Cooper S in 1969, DNF
1970 Carole Corness/Gloria Taylor Ford Escort, 42nd
1970 Sandra Bennett/Christine Cole LC Torana GTR XU-1, 13th
1970 Lynne Keefe/Arthur Olsen, Morris Cooper S, 13th in Class C
1971 Jan Holland/Pat Peck LC Torana GTR XU-1, 29th
1972 Pat Peck (solo), Holden Torana GTR XU-1, DNF
1972 Christine Gibson (nee Cole)/Jan Holland Torana LJ, DNF
1973 Pat Peck/Darrilyn Huitt, Holden Torana GTR XU-1, DNF
1973 Sue Ransom/Christine Gibson Alfa Romeo GTV, DNF
1973 Caroline O’Shanesy/Peter Williamson Mini Cooper S, 26th
1975 Caroline O Shanesy/David Booth, Morris Cooper S, 6th in Class A, 27th outright
1975 Marie-Claude Beaumont/John Leffler Alfa Romeo GTV, 1st Class B, 6th outright
1975 Sue Ransom/Bill Brown Ford Escort, 4th Class B, 11th outright
1976 Marie-Claude Beaumont/Christine Gibson Alfetta GTA, DNF
1976 Caroline O’Shanesy/Gary Leggat Fiat 128, DNF
1977 Sue Ransom/Russell Skaife Ford Capri, DNF
1977 Janet Guthrie/Johnny Rutherford Holden Torana A9X, DNF
1978 Sue Ranson/ Bill Brown Ford Capri, DNF
1978 Robyn Hamilton/ Ralph Radburn Holden Torana A9X, DNF
1980 Sue Ransom/ Neville Bridges Holden Commodore VB, 22nd
1980 Alexandra Surplice/John Gates Toyota Corolla, 28th
1981 Christine Gibson/Joe Moore Ford Falcon XD, 6th
1981 Alexandra Surplice/Doug Clark Toyota Corolla, DNF
1983 Christine Gibson/ Bob Muir Nissan Pulsar, DNF
1984 Alexandra Surplice/Bob Holden Toyota Sprinter, 26th
1984 Christine Gibson/Glenn Seton Nissan Pulsar, DNF
1987 Annette Meeuvissen/Mercedes Stermitz BMW M3, DNF
1990 Heather Spurle/Bob Jones Holden Commodore VL, 26th
1994 Melinda Price/Andew Reid/Garry Jones Toyota Corolla, DNF
1997 Jenni Thompson/Aaron McGill/Terry Skene Ford Mondeo, DNF
1997 Melinda Price/Kerryn Brewer Holden Commodore VS, 12th
1998 Paula Elstrek/Heidi O’Neil/Damien Digby Ford Mondeo, DNF
1998 Jenni Thompson/Mike Fitzgerald Peugeot 405, DNF
1998 Melinda Price/Kerryn Brewer Holden Commodore VS, 11th
1998 Nicole Pretty/Nathan Pretty/Grant Johnson Holden Commodore VS, DNF
1999 Melinda Price/Dean Lindstrom Holden Commodore VS, 17th
2000 Melindra Price/Dean Lindstrom Holden Commodore VS, 20th
2001 Leanne Ferrier/Paul Dumbrell Holden Commodore VX, DNF
2009 Leanne Tander (nee Ferrier)/David Wall Ford Falcon, 18th
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