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Re: alfa sud search
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4 speeds on the four doors, but surely 5 speed on the two door tiís? My 1.2 litre 78ti was 5 speed

Thatís my recollection.. my first Alfa was a four door Sud (4spd) while my mate had an orange 2dr Ti 5spd.  Later I had a two door Ti and then 2 Sprints in succession.  I box swapped a Ti 5spd into an QV Sprint once when doing a synchro repairer on its box.. car was flat out at 100km/h, revved itís nuts off ... but so fast through the cogs :)

From memory the half shaft drives that come out of the gíbox are a slightly shorter on the Ti  (accomodate inner brake disc thickness perhaps) and I ended up killing an inner CV... youth, live and learn.  Some things are not plug and play.

I miss my Sprints, would love to drive another one day just for the memories.  Giulietta QV is the closest similar (Alfa) thing Iíve driven.. just faster
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