Author Topic: 24v V6 to Alfa 75 conversion.  (Read 641 times)

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Re: 24v V6 to Alfa 75 conversion.
« Reply #15 on: July 12, 2018, 05:42:46 PM »
In reality it is probably cheaper to buy one that someone else has already converted, given they will be the ones to have suffered the financial and emotional pain. 

If you can find one of course.
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Re: 24v V6 to Alfa 75 conversion.
« Reply #16 on: July 12, 2018, 06:27:52 PM »
Go for a decent programmable computer straight off the bat.
Peak power numbers probably won't improve SFA compared to the late model 24V ECU, but the installation will be a lot easier and will allow you to tune for any engine changes in the future.
Mutilating a wiring loom and getting the MAF sensor to fit in the available space compromises too many things.
Spending money to basically lock yourself into a factory ECU that can be retuned, but at great expense and potential compromise (mad camshafts and MAF sensors don't really work well together, if you went that way), would be better spent on a decent programmable computer.
Suck up the initial cost of a decent programmable computer and reap the rewards both now (installation effort and reliability) and later (tuning to get the best from your engine now and if you modify it).

Look to do the coolant plumbing more inline with the way the V6 75s had their plumbing done. Maybe some more work and expense, but it will be more nicely layed out and easier to work on.
And for a track car (and even a road car), moving the engine back will help the car's handling (<<<stupid generic word). With the plumbing at the back of the engine, there won't be any room to do that.

Put effort into lightening the 2 flywheels while things are appart. The TA engine flywheels have a LOT(!!!) of peripheral mass on them. This deadens the engine's responsiveness.
Same said for the clutch flywheel. Which is permanently attached to the engine, via the tailshaft........ The car has 2, very high polar moment flywheels. No matter what people do with these engines in these cars, with standard weight flywheels, they're still about as responsive as trying to free rev a fully loaded cement mixer.

And consider doing new engine mounts for the car.
The standard Alfa mounts hold the V6 engine on some weird, deliberate misalignment, that is suppose to allow the engine to align itself with the transaxle at some stage............
When, where and why that happens is anyones guess.
Make/have made new, much more rigid and durable mounts that aligns the engine properly with the TA and keeps it there.
Your front tailshaft coupling will love you for it.
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Re: 24v V6 to Alfa 75 conversion.
« Reply #17 on: July 12, 2018, 08:19:00 PM »
It costs a lot.  Mine was completed nearly 4 years ago and cost a small fortune which I have never completed added up and I effectively got the engine for nothing by selling the parts from the rest of the wreck I bought as a donor and did most of the work myself.  I wouldn't go back though.  It is perfectly docile and has the power that the car probably always should have had.