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Uconnect and IPOD classic - Divorsiatelli
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:13:03 AM »
Since owning Giulietta QV 2015 have been very disappointed in the uconnect n ipod connectivity , 2 years down n still no good .

I cant understand why my el cheapo head unit in my 74 spider has no problems with Ipod but the molto caro giulietta system can not grasp the IPOD.

Problems as follows

Some trips just fails to connect at all
When it does work , fails to show album covers , or skips songs or goes to next song but display still shows previous song WTF ?
Dont mention genius playlists , loses the plot alltogether , e andato all'inferno.

The best bit is that the service department , latest reason they give me , The new Giulia has the same problems. LOL

I run a ipod classic 7 gen ,never misses a beat until it meets Uconnect .

Does anyone else has this problem or have i got one built Lunedi or Venerdi pomeriggio .
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