Author Topic: Why would my ignition device on Alpha 159 be flashing when I take out the key  (Read 831 times)

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Hi everyone, we have had a lot of rain where we are, far North Queensland, and our 159 wouldn't start. We called RACQ by the time they arrived car started, young lad said maybe battery, but vehicle started and restarted again and again so we thought all good, we then drove home. Next morning car wouldn't start, new battery, no problem, but the ignition device flashes, slowly, when the key is removed. Any thoughts. Checked book searched on line to no avail. 


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but the ignition device flashes, slowly, when the key is removed.

Which light is flashing & where? Take a pic?
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Hi bazzbazz,
Additional Info:
The ignition device, the slot where I insert the Electronic key, is glowing for a certain period of time then stops and then a matter so seconds, starts glowing again. The pattern then repeats itself. I haven't been able to take pic and upload.
I can't open the boot by Electronic key, manual says EKey needs new batts.
I can open boot from inside car only when the motor is running for awhile.
I'm getting batts for both EKey 2 Moro, and I also think when RACQ changed the batt, I need to reset security settings for Security Alarm - engine disable.
I'll check in when I replaced the batts. I've got Easter to check it out.

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My guess would have been battery replacement required in the key remote.
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Hi everyone it was the main battery, replaced, and the batts in the EKey. All good, now to do full service on it, that is if the wife can stop driving it 😎