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33 1.7 8V Build
« on: September 10, 2017, 05:25:24 PM »
Hey guys! Firstly thank you for all your assistance and answers to (probably) stupid questions over the last few months. I thought I would take the chance to give those interested an overview of what I'm up to!

So the story. I found a unwanted (not running) Alfa 33 1.7 8V for a bargain price of $200 with Rego! Yes $200 mainly because it wasn't running and the current owner couldn't figure it out.

Anyway, $300 (delivered on a tilt tray) and it took 15 minutes to get it running (bad earth connection).

So I enjoy doing a bit of Khanacross and the car club I'm in is looking to start Rallycross so I'm thinking the Alfa would be a great car for this type of thing. I would also love to partake in some hill climbs and other assorted classic car events. So I'm looking for a good allrounder.

First things first, crunchy steering! So strut bearings need to be done. Ordered a set and installed them. Pretty straight forward job!

When the springs were out to do the strut bearings, I had them reset by the local spring maker to 35mm lower than stock. This has given a slightly lowering effect on the front without going silly and the stock shocks are still in great nick, so cleaned and all put back together.

Next stop is the engine bay. Oil and Filter replaced and my much publicised fuel pump issues fixed. Sprung for all new stainless fuel lines (it's a weird size) and replaced the old ones

Bit of bling in the engine bay!

Also took the wheels off with new Pirelli P1 tyres in 195/60R14 going on the standard rims tomorrow. I chose the Pirelli's because they were a good allrounder, they'll do Khanacross, Hill Climbs and will run Ok on a track. The below is the rubbish retread tyres in the wrong size that the prior owners had on it:

I've also been having a bit of fun with some racing stripes! Lol I know this won't appeal to the purists but I reckon they have added to at least 20KPH to the top speed!

So next on the list of 'to do's' are:
- Flush radiator
- Probably flush engine oil again
- remove rear springs and have them dropped 35mm
- changeout CV boots on LHS
And she should be (a) roadworthy and (b) ready to race!

Any other tips and hints, I'm all ears but I'll keep you updated with any additional works!

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Re: 33 1.7 8V Build
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 05:15:25 PM »
New boots for the little Alfa!

Went the 195/60R14's which are a little wider than the standard 185/65R14's but not much taller. Pirelli P1's which were on sale at a reasonable price ensures that the little Alfa remains all Italian (in brand anyway)

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Re: 33 1.7 8V Build
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2017, 07:15:45 PM »
Looks great Steve, what a bargain for $300.

I like the stripes too. But why not tricolore? That would add 50kph! 8)
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Re: 33 1.7 8V Build
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2017, 07:34:35 PM »
What a bargain. Lovely car and lovely motor.