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Re: Batteries?
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2017, 05:16:46 PM »
The SSB lithium batteries are very popular in dirtbikes, which usually run a stator for charging, without the greatest voltage regulation in the world.  Very few problems reported with them, and supposedly don't lose charge over time unless there is a current draw on them.  Recently fitted a 220CCA lithium to my KTM, 600grams as opposed to the 1.6kg of the 80CCA that came out of it.  The weight wasn't the big factor in this case though, simply that the biggest capacity AGM battery that would physically fit in the battery holder was only 105CCA.  KTM 2 stroke starters are somewhat marginal in their design, and benefit greatly from a bit more grunt from the battery to help their engagement.  I'd have no hesitation fitting an SSB lithium to a racecar at this stage.

For what its worth, specs from: put the PC925 at 330CCA, and from put the HC20 at 230CCA.
Which would make this: the logical equivalent model... Not so much of a price difference.
Of course, there are many more SSB batteries, they go up all the way to 1500CCA! With a price tag to match though.... 


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Re: Batteries?
« Reply #16 on: June 16, 2017, 09:03:21 AM »
Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread.  I ended up buying the Fullriver equivalent of the Odyssey 680.

The car is currently at the mechanics having the new engine put together and installed. After five years of having the car ('79 GTV) stare at me every time I walked into the shed I decided to pay someone else to finish it off. I dismantled the existing engine down to every nut and bolt and thoroughly cleaned everything and it is now being re-born.  It will have different cams from standard, new oil pump, chains, JE pistons, lightweight gudgeon pins, gapless rings, webber 45 carbies, extractors, mildly reworked head (stronger valve springs), re-mapped distributor etc etc.

Should be a hoot to drive and it will take about 4 weeks to do all the work. I have re-applied for my CAMS PCC Licence so I should be on the track well before the end of the year. I have re-joined Group S Association (watch for No. 29).

I am aware that there have been some changes to the regulations so I now have a HANS device and fireproof undies plus I have to put some of the FIA approved deformable roll-bar padding in the car to replace the 'noodles'. My helmet is still in-date (just) and my harness is also in-date.

Is there anything that I have missed?

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