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Montreal Register
« on: July 26, 2008, 12:55:55 PM »
Hello All,

As some of you Monti owners may have read on the Montreal Forum I have been working with TonyMcKone (AROCA Register Coordinator), Chris Slade in the UK and quite a few others to get a process together to build a Montreal Register for our region.

I have put together a draft questionnaire which I will be using when I contact the list of owners that I have so far. The list of these contacts is 47 contacts at the moment and these are all RHD I am assuming. On return of the questionnaire I will be populating a spreadsheet in chassis numerical order of all 180 RHDs produced.

I am asking that forum Monti owners send me your details to make sure I have you on my list. With some luck the list may well expand. Also if you know the whereabouts of other Montis and their owners, that would be useful.

Thanks and regards
Keith Jolly
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