Author Topic: wtb parts for 116 GTV--still  (Read 3024 times)

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wtb parts for 116 GTV--still
« on: May 19, 2016, 03:00:27 PM »
Hi guys and gals..

As the subject suggests Im still after some bits.

Im in Canberra and placed an email request with a Melbourne parts guy but after many failed attempts to get them to respond I have now given up on them

My order was not large but certainly probably in the $300-$400 range.. Go figure.. :o

So this was my list mainly used but a few new bits if prices were right etc..

2 x rear brake calliper overhaul kits
1 x rear brake pads
1 x clutch slave cylinder overhaul kit
All suspension bushes either individually or complete kit. (not sure which ones I need for sure yet)
Pair of rear disc rotors (new or good 2nd hand)
Pair of front disc rotors (new or 2nd hand)
central exhaust mounting bush ..exhaust to “bell housing end” (new or good 2nd hand)
brake pipe for left hand rear calliper (short pipe that directly feeds calliper)
Heater tap (non AC) (2nd H)
Washer bottle (2nd H)--I think Doug may have said he had one..

Left and right steering tie rod ends (2nd hand) I believe these rarely fail but mine are VERY sloppppppy.
1 x headlight bucket ..for the purposes of modifying to install  new generic headlight (2nd hand any condition e.g. no glass,, no silvering ) …
1 x  heater box right hand side outlet duct (attaches to RHS of heater box..non A/c) (2nd hand)
1 x heater fan switch (2nd hand)

Pair of front seats in good condition.. my interior was tan but been dyed to charcoal, so what ever you have in stock that you think my be suitable..

*******BUT VERY IMPORTANTLY, I am starting to doubt whether my personal messages are getting out on here...
Alfa Duk (doug) has yet again been in contact with me about the seats. I messaged him back IMMEDIATELY but no reply yet...
And as much as I have always tried to message him personally over the last few months, I have had no replies.

Keen to at least view what seats he has on offer when I'm next in sydney.

Can anybody please pass a message onto him for me?..My mobile is "zero four zero eight six four zero four two two"..

For that I'd be very grateful


Pictures coming soon

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Re: wtb parts for 116 GTV--still
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2016, 09:27:32 PM »
Yeh Ash, seems to be some issue with the forum PM communication. Will use the phone. Doug
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