Author Topic: 2014 Winton Historic 24-25 May  (Read 2438 times)

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2014 Winton Historic 24-25 May
« on: May 25, 2014, 06:35:17 PM »
2014 Winton Historic has been run and competed by three AROCA members, Dominique Chaleyer in Alfa Giulia Sprint 1750 GpSb, Richard East in Alfa GTV2000 GpSc and Glen Campbell in Alfetta GTV GpSc.

Despite qualifying in an Alfa, Glen missed Race 1 but returned in Race 2 and 3 in a MGB, nice to have two race cars!!!

Richard qualified faster than Dominique with a 1:15 vs 1:17, puts them at positions 17 and 24 respectively.
Race 1 had Richard taking advantage of 7 places ahead of Dominique and came home in 20th place doing 15's while Dominique gained several places to finish 22nd doing 17's.  Respectable times given what little bhp they have.

Race 2 saw a different story, Richard blasted off for two laps ahead of Dominique but came undone in the third with a spin putting him to the back of the field, Dominique drove consistently to finish 17th ahead of Richard in 26th.

Race 3 was Dominique amongst the middle of the field and held her own, and come home for a 14th place finish while Richard crawl back 4 places to come home 20th. 

Meaning 2 up for Dominique versus 1 for Richard.

Good racing by the AROCA members.