Author Topic: 1978 GTV with a sound system install.  (Read 3645 times)

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1978 GTV with a sound system install.
« on: May 12, 2006, 12:27:59 AM »
im 17 and live in the bendigo area. this is my first car [was dads but i made quick work of that! heh heh]

the engine is stock but i have plans for it to be done up at a fast street/race engine. i already have the 10.4/1 pistons and liners sitting and waiting for the head to get the works.

id like to add a TS LSD and/or a higher g/box. if i can i will be happy just swapping for a higher fith but dont know where to get them [it sits on 3300RPM at 100Kms].

the suspension side of things isnt anything good YET besides being lowered 2" with 17" 205/40 mags.

exhaust is costom but doesnt deserve a mention because it HAS TO GO. damned road worthy said it was too loud so it had to be changed to this....

now for the interior. the car wouldnt be much without it.

front seats are leather recaros which were a tan but were painted to a black blue that you can see. i wouldnt recomend this option becarse it really just doesnt last and drys the leather out faster. they werent in great condition before this though.

rears are just vynal with spaced stiching to suit the recaros.

doors have 2lt of sound deadener in each one, with door pods for the splits but no vynal only foam so far.

sunroof is from a gemini which id like to kill but it wouldnt be that easy erasing it. it can wait for the whole respray. same with the stock head lining, that will go blue when the respray come but il paint it by areosole black.

the lighting is stock atm but im making fiberglass pods for downlights in the car.


the boot it where my pride is [just finished it today so thats y]. it consists of;

-2 cadence q2000 2ch
-1 cadence q4000 4ch
-1 sub box with 2 10" boss subs
-and a nice little logo which i finished today.

they rest of the stereo;

-head unit is a JVC KD g615
-front splits are boss ones but i have some cadence CVL-6K's sitting in my room. theyre to big for the pods depth wise untill i get a day off work, with my car at home.
-and the rear splits are cadence ZX 5KIT

lots more pics at the following links...

read this for more info on whats happened;

read this to get a little more info on what happened;

would love to get some opinions on what yous all think.
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Re: 1978 GTV with a sound system install.
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2006, 11:59:26 AM »
Just be careful when lowering any alfa transaxle, as you find that the lowest point of the car is in the middle, and it's usually where the exhaust is.

My 75 is quite low but rides on very stiff 29mm torsion bars and coils to match. It looks about the same ride heigh as your beasty but is so thouroughly impractical .... in fact 90% of shopping centre carparks are inaccesible ... but hey its my toy and it handles real well and if your willing to take that attitude then i wish you all the best .... but as you're quite young, its probably your only car and you need an element (and i emphasise element) of practicality... don't do it!!
Rust, nah that's not rust .... its iron oxide!!!

1977 Alfasud ti (race)
1980 Alfasud ti (race)
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Re: 1978 GTV with a sound system install.
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2006, 11:29:33 AM »
Your 78 Alfa looks awsome, Great install with the sterreo too.

I have 2 15" subs in the back of my 77 GTV and a set of alpine s type splits on the front backed by pioneers on the rear shelf.
Running of a 1200 W amp.

My install needs lots of work, i mean lots of work its a really lazy setup. I love the carpit you did. If you coud can you send me some
info on how you did it so i can have a try myself ?

Love your car :)