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Solvix Challenge
« on: March 16, 2008, 09:58:11 PM »
Greetings everyone,

For those that don't know and those that do as well, the annual Solvix Challenge will be run on the 29th of March. It will start at the Brisbane Sporting Car Club (BSCC) club rooms. The challenge is approximatel 240k long, of which 2k is dirt road, and takes most of the day to navigate. There will be a stop for lunch and will end at a location with BBQ areas, of which i am told a sausage sizzle is provided. Entry Forms and regulations can be found at Please ensure you read and understand the regulations.

There are 2 categories, the challenge category and the touring category.

The Challenge Category: This category is for those that wish to solve the riddles and solve the course navigation. It also counts towards alfacomp i believe. To enter the challenge category you need a driver and navigator, of which one of you must have a cams license of at least l2ns. A day cams license is also available for purchase on the day. It costs around $45. Entry for the challenge category is $49.50 and must be paid by the 26th of March. Maps and instructions will be given to the crews 3 mins before you start the race, and cars will leave 5 mins apart and the entrants start leaving around 10am. Try to get there around 9:15 for pre-race briefings and sledgings. ;) Route instructions for the challenge category are route chart and map reading.

The Touring Category: This category is for those don't wish the stress of the race but would love a nice leisurely drive through the country. It costs $33.00 to enter and starts leaving around 11:00am. You will be given the route after the Challenge category drivers have left. You don't need a Cams license to drive this category. It will be a great day drive.

If you have any questions my number can be found on the committee page of the Aroca -QLD page.

Cheers ;D

Tony S.
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