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First time Alfa buyer
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:03:01 AM »
G'day. Just bought a 156 v6 Monza auto over the weekend, my first Alfa Romeo. Its for my daughter, so will be driven fairly gently most of the time. Its done 64,000km Jan 2001 build. One mature lady owner, FSH, all belts done. Like new. Inevitably a few questions arise and i would appreciate your response.
Low km clearly - any implications ie is it the km or the age of the car that has an impact on parts.
When the timing belt gets done, is the water pump done? I have receipts, but cant see water pump replacement.
Clarion CD sounds great, but no MP3 or auxillary access. Can any new CD player fit/work
Oil - 10W-40 looks like the right stuff. Correct? Ive read that regular oil replacement is a good idea. Is it time or km based?
Many thanks for the responses I am sure to receive

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Re: First time Alfa buyer
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2013, 12:55:05 PM »
As with any vehicle, length of time or distance travelled, which ever comes first is relevant to servicing. That said as far as the 4 cylinder timing belts are concerned, they are replaced every 60K or 3 years. The V6 timing belts, though, weren't as prone to failure and remained on normal service replacement, which i belive is 5years or 100K. So considering the low mileage the belts should have been changed around 2006 and 2011. Water pumps are only checked during timing belt and again V6 don't suffer as bad as 4 cylinder, and only replaced if required or requested. Not sure about pulleys and such, hopefully a V6 owner will chime in.

Oil is a mixed bag of personal opinion, the grade you point out is correct just make sure it's full synthetic and a decent brand, check the forum, there plenty of info being bantered about that subject. You'll notice the servicing is only required every 15 or 20K. I've been told that for the sake of a $10 oil filter and $40 - $60 in engine oil, engine life will be awesome if change at 5K to 10K. Otherwise it's always changed during regular servicing.

As far as the stereo, again personal choice here. The benefit here is that you'll already have an aftermarket rear adaptor, so it should virtually be plug and play once you settle on a head unit.

Welcome to true motoring too by the way. Sounds like an awesome purchase. Just make sure you keep it well tuned and serviced and you'll have years of driving pleasure.  8)
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Re: First time Alfa buyer
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2013, 07:51:58 PM »
The V-6 from the factory had plastic fans on the water pumps, and these used to split, causing the water pump fan to spin on the shaft, without it pumping water causing overheating, most of them would have been replaced by now by a water pump with a metal fan, the Twin Spark and JTS had no such problems, even though, they also had plastic fans on the water pump, the V-6 oil filter is in a terrible position, i beleive to change it you have move the power steering pump out of the way, so sometimes the oil filter is not changed, as some owners won't cough up lots of $$$$$, to have the filter changed, if i had a V-6, i would look at putting a remote oil filter in, so it gets changed on time. The oil is 10-40 fully synthetic of a brand of your choice, everyone has their favourite brand, and i don't want to get into any 'oil wars', and the V-6 is a true Alfa Romeo motor that came out in 1983 with 2 valves per cylinder and pushrods, lovely sound too, welcome to Alfa Romeo motoring, Colin.
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Re: First time Alfa buyer
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2013, 08:55:07 AM »
Thanks guys, Ive checked and the water pump has been done, so we are all good to go into the Alfa phase of living