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General Discussion / Tyre Balance Beads???
« Last post by Duk on Today at 06:25:08 PM »
Has anyone used these tyre balance beads you can get, instead of a conventional wheel balance?
I've seen them advertised on ebay and such, but just about every ad I see mention 4WDs, trucks and motorbike, but no mention of cars.
My TS engine does 'blip' acceptably. It's not super responsive, but then my last car (old CB7 Accord) had a  very light aftermarket flywheel and was particularly responsive 'on the blip' (so I've been a bit spoiled in this respect). Not sure why yours doesn't. It might be something like a very dirty throttle body, or something...???

The problem I had was simply that the brake pedal (when depressed) was too low relative to the throttle pedal (or throttle too high, depending on how you look at it). Having said that, I do occasionally get a feeling that there is a slight degree of 'lag' between my right foot and the throttle body butterfly, which I'm assuming is due to the nature of the 'fly-by-wire' set up...? It doesn't seem consistent though, sometimes I notice it, mostly not, might be in my head....

Somewhat disappointed to find little (as in nothing in my price range) in the way of aftermarket light flywheels for TS engines. My light Honda flywheel was a very worthwhile modification, and in total only cost about $140.00 delivered from the USA... Seems the only way for me to get a lightweight flywheel might be to buy a stock second hand one and have it machined...

Dont run it above setting 5 I read
I have had issues on a few occasions where the front spigot sleeve has rusted/seized onto into the back of the flywheel. Probably caused by no seal or lack of application of grease on assembly.

I found cussing heaps will help you feel better even if it does not make the propshaft come out.

Love the later cars with the removable cross member. Job is so much easier!

939 Series (159, Brera and Brera Spider) / Chip Tuning 159 2.4 JTDM
« Last post by Potsie on Today at 01:35:51 PM »

Wondering if anyone has tried chip tuning their 159.

Based on the fact that this box seems really inexpensive, I just bought one - see:

Any thoughts on this one ?

They reckon it should arrive in two days .. I'll post some results after I plug it in.  Pots.
I am sure you have done this, but have you removed the two 13mm nuts holding onto the centre bearing at the cross member, and then drop the centre bearing off the studs.  Then use lever at flywheel to lever off donut from flywheel stud.
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / WTB: Alfetta/116 front Koni Yellows
« Last post by alfa75gta on Today at 12:09:57 PM »
I'm after a set of Koni Yellows for the front end of my Alfetta.
The car is currently fitted with Bilsteins which i'm happy to do a straight swap with, or simply buy the Konis off you.

Does anyone have a pair sitting around?

Please call or txt 0407057806
Hi all, OK....

Gearbox , exhaust all out.
I have removed 3 bolts from tailshaft connection to engine in bell housing section. But it still doesn't want to come out???
I'm going to remove engine next so want tailshaft out.

So is there more required than the 3 bolts that go through donut to engine?

Regards all Drew
Thanks a lot for the feedback. My windscreen seal looks ok I'm just worried that after I pop the windscreen it might not be reusable - damaged or brittle. I will try the removal approach that I've seen on the various threads but want to make sure that if I break the glass or damage the seal I have a plan B. I will likely see if my old windscreen can be renewed/polished after I take it out to keep the antenna, but I think it is a bit too pitted. I am removing the windscreen (actually all the glass) to do metal work and a respray.
Yeah i downloaded it a few days ago and seen all the great things it will let me do im just waiting for the cable to turn up in the mail now. But unfortunately the regeneration wont help me cause ive removed the dpf already.

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