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General Discussion / Re: alfa tz2 cam specification
« Last post by carlo rossi on Today at 10:03:48 AM »
thanks Vin Im waiting for it to arrive in mail
ill post when i see it should be a week or so
General Discussion / Re: alfa tz2 cam specification
« Last post by vin sharp on Today at 07:16:28 AM »
Hi Carlo,
I'm not sure that there was such a thing as a specific TZ2 cam?  I would think that being a race model only built & assembled by Autodelta, that they would choose a cam spec from their substantial catalog for the job at hand, depending on perhaps if the the car was to do a tight, twisty hillclimb or Le mans. So it could be any one of quite a number of profiles available.
Do they have a part # or ID that suggests TZ specific?
Supply a chassis VIN number and I can Possibly tell you the year model
Very interested- contact please
116 Series (Alfetta Sedan/GT/GTV & Giulietta Sedan) / Re: Help with Alfa ID
« Last post by poohbah on January 21, 2019, 10:53:38 PM »
116 is the designation of the Alfetta platform (sedans introduced in '72, coupes from '74). Completely different platform from the 105 series it followed (which was ran from mid 60s through to mid 70s).

None of the 116 series would have come from the factory minus a front bumper (though I guess any factory backed race teams may have), so if that's the look you are after, you'll have to do some minor surgery. Search this forum and others like alfaowner and alfabb - there should be plenty of advice on tips and things to be wary of.

FYI Wikipedia has some reasonable basic history info and specs for the Alfetta series:
116 Series (Alfetta Sedan/GT/GTV & Giulietta Sedan) / Re: Help with Alfa ID
« Last post by alfadude on January 21, 2019, 10:25:21 PM »
Thanks for the replies Sportiva and Poohbar.
Could someone enlighten me on the numbers that follow the model name, eg the link to beautiful red example has 116 and in Sportiva's post he mentions 105? Are there just sequential numbers to keep track of the series?
Also, following poohbar's first response, am I correct in assuming that all of the images on Google of the early GTs/GTVs with just a metal grille at the front, like in the white example, are just the owners removing either a plastic or chrome bumper?
I think it is this look that I really find attractive. The look of those big plastic bumpers doesn't do it for me, but when I found this white car, it looks much more classic.
That's why I was so particular about trying to find the exact model.
As far as I can tell, the wheels are Ronal R10's. They look great, as do the Ronal A1's which are on a lot of these Alfas.
I will have to keep hunting for one of these early 70s GTs in my price range I think. I would like to find one that needs some work as I'm quite handy with a wrench and would like to make a project out of it over my life.
Victoria / Re: Victorian Alfa Specialist Workshops
« Last post by dmaz007 on January 21, 2019, 06:29:20 PM »
Hey guys, can anyone recommend a classic car panel beater to repair an Alfa 105 Veloce. I am after preferably a semi retired panel beater that can work out of a workshop based in Chadstone Melbourne or their place. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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General Discussion / Re: Blue Spider on Dash Cam Owners Aus
« Last post by Australia on January 21, 2019, 06:11:02 PM »
What I noticed were many drivers driving on the wrong side
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