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"Wipe the circlip groove clean and inspect for burring"
As CB said if you keep hitting the shaft you can burr or fold the top edge of the shaft into the recess for the circlip. If you have to hammer it out, hit in the middle away from the edges
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / Alfa 105 trim and parts RARE FS
« Last post by 105 Montreal on September 15, 2019, 04:57:01 PM »
Hi guys, I have just finished my couple of projects after quite a few years and I now have a heap of rare parts that Iíam selling, anything from chrome trim, glass, headlight buckets,jacks the aluminum trim that sits in the rear rubber for rear window, the chrome that sits on the dash of the stepnose veloce.
Refurbished rear bumper never fitted
New altissimo lenses with reflectors
Front Gta grill
Msg me with the parts you need and I will send back pics with price
Joe 0413195836
New South Wales / Re: Concorso-d-eleganza - 22 Sept 2019.
« Last post by bonno on September 15, 2019, 12:01:34 PM »
Just a reminder on next Sundays event at Gough Whitlam Park Earlwood. The weather forecast is for a sunny day with a max temperature of 22 degrees. To give you an idea on what to expect, find link to the power point presentation on last year event, plus availability of stalls selling food, drinks, car parts and memorabilia for a wonderful day out for the family.!116&parId=8B49B32466894374!104&authkey=!AOnR6N-ibv53_sQ&app=PowerPoint
116 Series (Alfetta Sedan/GT/GTV & Giulietta Sedan) / Re: WTB 116 GTV Door seals
« Last post by bonno on September 15, 2019, 11:47:12 AM »
Further to Victors post, I can only add that the extrusion profile when compressed must be no more than 3mm max,  going from years of deformation around the hinge area.
116 Series (Alfetta Sedan/GT/GTV & Giulietta Sedan) / Re: WTB 116 GTV Door seals
« Last post by Victor Lee on September 15, 2019, 11:27:00 AM »
I went through the same experience in buying door seals from overseas vendors made specifically for the GTV6. 
Could not shut the door without slamming it!

My solution was the local Clark Rubber store! Lots of rubber extrusion profiles available and I got one that worked fine. 
(Sorry, I can't remember the exact one as it was a few years ago now).
Tap the outer back onto its seat/shoulder. Wipe the circlip groove clean and inspect for burring - remedy as needed.

Use copper faced hammer to smack the central shaft through, finish with brass or copper drift once itís flush.
General Discussion / Re: Advice on buying an Alfa
« Last post by CitroŽnbender on September 15, 2019, 07:55:58 AM »
I have one further question, simply: Why an Alfa, particularly?

As a simple commuter vehicle itís sort of under-utilised.
A shop press will do it. When I had 1.8 and 2.0 transaxle cars they would tap out easily with a hammer with the GTV6 and 75 no amount of tapping would move the shaft out of the CV
General Discussion / Re: Advice on buying an Alfa
« Last post by Craig_m67 on September 14, 2019, 09:36:20 PM »
If you do large distances/commutes get the 2.4JTD as a Ti if you can find it..

Otherwise, buy the 1750TBI. Quite frankly after +30years of Alfa ownership (including a love affair with a JTD), itís probably the best engine theyíve ever made (apologies to the Busso worshippers, but thereís more to life than a soundtrack) ;)
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