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I haven't driven a Sud  with stock springs for over 20 years so wont comment on that but my sud running gear Sprint has Kings and I like them. Just my opinion but I find the ride sits right in between stiff for good handling with just the right amount of comfort for those bumps in the road.
I also have Koni Red shocks front and rear, these shocks are adjustable and should be on the softest setting as mine are. Unfortunately the shocks need to be removed from the car to adjust but it might be worth checking. I also like the stance kings give the car.
One more thing what's the condition of all the rubbers ? New one's would help the car feel better and if you have poly bushes throw them far away, they would likely be the cause of all your troubles if there in your car.       
Oh and while I was surfing I came a cross a thread for fixing the ARC from ghost blinking.

Would measuring the resistance of the globe give the required value, or is that too simple?
Never mind found an image. So which warning is blinking?
Also found that the ARC works by sampling the continuity or lack of in the various circuits being monitored. So lamp circuit is sampled through a current resistor and the current is compared to a nominal value any departure from this value will cause the alarm to flash. Now is the relay wired so that the old wiring goes through pins 85-86 and you have direct 12v to the globe via pins 30-87? If this is so, again ignorance warning here  ???, if the globe blows the ARC wont pick this up anyway (unless there's a specific way around this).
Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi from South Africa
« Last post by El_4_Romeo on October 31, 2014, 10:47:26 PM »
Thank you, gentlemen. Judging from what I've seen on different forums, our cars are the same as yours. I'll post some pics soon.
Hey GT, excuse my ignorance here, haven't been inside a 75 yet. Can you describe the symbol that is flashing or post a pic of it? Reason I ask is that I don't see how a relay will cause this fault and I'm having difficulty locating an image of where or what the headlight out warning is for the 75 arc system.
Hi Julian, I don't know how much current the arc wants to see but it's easily calculated using ohms law v=ir. Once you've selected a value for the resistor then you need to calculate how much power it will dissipate using p=iv. Select a resistor with a rating of about 2 times, maybe one with its own heat sink. Some hid kits come with such resistors
900 Series (Alfasud, Alfasud Sprint, 33) / Re: King springs versus stock springs
« Last post by colcol on October 31, 2014, 09:22:22 PM »
No, they used different springs for different combinations....however, i would grab what you can, as it would have to be better than those King Springs, which are unsuitable.
The tierod adjustment, is the same on a 33, you get used to it, i think the Suds toeout 2mm, and if you do a alignment check, and it is say 4 mm toeout, then you shorten the tierod by one turn, which changes the alignment by 2mm.
When you pop the tierod off the strut, put some copperkote or loctite silver anti seize on the tierod taper and the nut, to make it easier next time.
The 156 has a fine adjustment for toe, by lengthening or shortening the rack arms, more precise, but not as quick as a Sud or 33.
While you are down there, check the tightness of the pinch bolt on the lower balljoint, they have been known to come loose, i had one come loose on the Sud, while crossing an intersection, and the suspension collapsed, no such problems on a 33, different design, Colin.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hi from South Africa
« Last post by colcol on October 31, 2014, 09:02:22 PM »
Back in the olden days they used to assemble Alfa Romeo's there in South Africa, not sure now though?.
A club member used to turn up to sprint meetings year ago and run his Alfa Romeo in standard class, with modifications that he claimed were legal as it was sold like that in South Africa, either he was telling porkies or they have some wild cars in Africa, Colin.
General Discussion / Re: Contaminated fuel - Caltex Forrest Hill
« Last post by Craig_m67 on October 31, 2014, 08:59:43 PM »
Never had a contaminated fuel issue, but I guess my number came up  :-[.
Purchased 95RON at approximately 7:20AM on the 21/10, experienced power loss and check engine displayed by end of day. Had vehicle repaired by Mazda Berwick who replaced fuel filter and pump, purged lines, injectors and fuel rail, removed and emptied tank at a cost of $576.00   :(.
Caltex stated that as there were no other complaints regarding fuel from that station, they are not liable  >:(

Sounds extreme
Did they tell you what the contaminate was, or just give you a bill?
General Discussion / Re: Contaminated fuel - Caltex Forrest Hill
« Last post by colcol on October 31, 2014, 08:56:00 PM »
I hate to go against the grain, but i always fill up at Caltex in Bulleen and Ringwood, and have never had any trouble, these are independant of Supermarkets.
A wise old man once told me that if you go towards a petrol station, and there is a tanker there, just keep driving and go to the next one with no petrol tanker, because, filling up the tanks agitates all the rubbish at the bottom of the underground tanks and you should give it an hour for the rubbish off the bottom to settle, Colin.
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