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PS... heres the FIAT DTC codes for those that need it...  8)

Still searching to figure out what this '2nd idle learn' business is with the throttle ???
OK, found another thread which has FIAT ODB codes, so your mech was ruight with the code. The P1688 DTC is the 'motorized throttle (2nd idle learn)' error.

Now in this latest thread an owner seems to have resolved the issue with a new battery. I had a moment of diagnostic inspiration at this point... over the years I'm reading a lot about requiring good voltage with late and current model Alfas due to the amount of electrics they possess. Now a low battery could equate to an old/bad battery which does require replacement or a faulty alternator. My 147 has an old battery, probably looking at 4-5 yrs old. It recently had a stuffed alternator with a faulty voltage regulator and you could see the electrics surge when it was idling. Evenso, it wasn't throwing up any error codes.

Then I got to think that any poor electrical connection wont allow the flow of current easily and the physics of electricity will use more current to make the flow happen, as far as the battery current will allow. This being the case, we then start getting burnt connectors and wires, as I had with the radiator low speed fan resistor on my spider which melted the plastic connectors and the spade connectors were loose to the point of not holding at all. With a poor connection, if we install a fresh new battery, in effect we are giving it an extra/longer boost of current to complete the poor connection. So what leads to these poor connections. Well, most of the time its within the engine bay that owners are finding problems. A confined area of variable temperature changes and chemicals that can/will effect plastic connectors and the heat/cold that will expand and contract the metal connector pins. So I'm starting to lean towards, and I've read through-out the various forums, that the first diagnostic to perform is to check all the relevant connections.

So the point about my 147 was that my connections must have been OK, as the varying voltage being supplied to the Alfa via the old battery/faulty alternator didn't affect its operation. It probably also helped that I had recently gone through all the connectioons and earths in the engine bay as a preventative maintenance measure. Alternatively, if the battery is low and not holding current then this should effectively shut down the Alfa and not let it run at all, as my 159 did to me with a one year old battery. I've still got the old battery but replaced the 147 alternator all the same and its loving me for it too  ::)
Buy/Swap/Sell [Announce ONLY] / FS - Dion spherical bearings
« Last post by jazig.k on Today at 09:32:40 AM »
Hi guys,

recently made a small batch of dion bearing bits up.
I don't have pictures of the batch I've just made, nor are they assembled yet. I just need to get the bearings and circlips, press the lot together and pack with grease.

Pictures of the first few I made. One I fitted to my own 3Lt, one I sent to a Perth friend and the last one I have sitting at home assembled and waiting for something.

I actually drilled my dion in line with the grease groove and fitted a grease nipple so I can repack it while still fitted. Optional though.
They press fit into the Dion, so no extra machining required [like grooving the dion for circlip, as I understand some are fitted like this?].
All of them so far are made from 431 stainless steel.
They are made offset, so fit into the dion in one direction so you do away with the offset washer that the rubber bush has and the dion will sit centre of the cross member.

There is axial play in the bearing, no radial play. Part of the bearing design and unfortunately I can't get zero clearance bearings this small unless I have a batch made to order according to my local bearing place [$$$$]. It's minimal, but it's there. In my car, with stiff and low suspension I get a small clunk over harsh bumps, but I'm not sure if it's the bearing or not because my exhaust is rigid mounted to the body to tuck it up within 2mm of everything. Something I did at the same time I installed the bearing. Hold your iPhone 5 sideways, it doesn't fit under the lowest points.

I made a batch try and get some money together, in secret from my partner to buy her an engagement ring [Shared bank account, ex banker. Makes saving in secret near impossible when she sees every cent go in and out!]. I'm not running a business to compete, just to save some money. I feel $170AUD plus postage would be fair. I have one ready and waiting plus another 7 ready to be assembled and grease packed.

My email is
Or PM me to discuss.

Credit to Duk, for his 'mud maps' thread. I'll owe him something if this works out.
Thanks guys.
No probs mick. Mind you I have been scratching my head about what on earth the oil pump stepping motor could be. So had another search and came up with the throttle code as you first mentioned.
Anyhow, your not alone with this error. Found this which although doesn't give a definate fix, it may give some insight.

What I'm reading in those threads is to ensure all connectors are clean and making proper connection. Seems to be a recurring theme with Alfa electronics?
I think you might be right on that, would explain why my GT got the GTV steel bumper lower front panel.  I have seen 77 GTV's but not a 76 personally.

Maybe that's a replacement panel? Its such a fragile piece of metal isn't it, and those slots make it even weaker.  There were certainly 76 GTV's sold in the UK along with 1.6 GT's.  I
Mind you most of them had rusted away by the early eighties....
Off Topic / Re: Stupid car accesories
« Last post by Garibaldi on Today at 08:53:39 AM »
It's just attention seeking behaviour by these people. For some reason they want everybody to notice them. Personally I'd rather fly under the radar.
Thanks for the very quick response Cool Jesus, I will make a few more enquiries with the mechanic about the code number and it`s description and get back to you 9maybe next week?)
« Last post by gojko69 on Today at 08:13:58 AM »
Hi all,

my 2008 GT 2.0 JTS Selespeed is stuck in 1st gear. 102,000km on the clock. Getting a "Selespeed Failure" on the dash. Checked the fuses (engine bay & under steering wheel), all good there. I can hear the pump priming when driver door open, enough oil in the system. Did an ECU & throttle reset (battery off for 45 minutes etc...), no joy. Any ideas at least how to get it to neutral so that I can move it at all (car in garage, hard to get it on a tow truck)? Any ideas what might be the problem? I'm Gold Coast based, who/which Alfa service is a really good Selespeed expert and won't rip me off? Many thanks...

I think you might be right on that, would explain why my GT got the GTV steel bumper lower front panel.  I have seen 77 GTV's but not a 76 personally.
105/115 Series (105 Coupe/Spider/Berlina) / Re: The bug bites again...
« Last post by Ursus on October 22, 2014, 11:02:53 PM »
Ha! Nice work Evan. Thanks guys.
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