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Thank for the quick response Colin.
Makes sense.
Best Regards
950 Series (Giulia) / Re: 2020 Giulia & Stelvio
« Last post by bazzbazz on Today at 01:57:05 PM »
SO, with autonomous highway mode and speed sign recognition . . . . if you get pulled over for speeding can you actually get away with blaming the car being at fault?  ;)
950 Series (Giulia) / Re: 2020 Giulia & Stelvio
« Last post by bazzbazz on Today at 01:48:04 PM »
HURRAH!  FINALLY, a info center that is equal to the car.

Just one question, will we be able to update the GPS Navigation maps? (otherwise the whole thing is bloody useless, AGAIN)
950 Series (Giulia) / Re: 2020 Giulia & Stelvio
« Last post by lombardi on Today at 01:33:05 PM »

          BEST JUST GOT BETTER , bel colore pure , buon panini ma si mangia meglio in puglia che di Farnborough Inghilterra
939 Series (159, Brera and Brera Spider) / Re: 159 air con issue
« Last post by poohbah on Today at 01:29:58 PM »
Hmm - both still running beautifully well, but the wallet not so...

156 just had belt/water pump change, new engine mount, new tie rod end, CV boots when in for 160,000km service (so I'm on bread & water for a while).

As for the GTV - you're words are apt.

Decided I'd start poking around to work out how bad the rear valance was. Wish I hadn't ...

So I'll be looking for a good fabricator/welder when I can afford to.

So yep, if you go down the GTV route, forget the mechanicals (you can fix them), just get something that has been ignored by the tin worms.
950 Series (Giulia) / 2020 Giulia & Stelvio
« Last post by Paul Gulliver on Today at 01:16:39 PM »
Just spotted this over on Alfa BB. some very interesting innovations coming up.

General Discussion / Re: AlfaBB down?
« Last post by spoynter on Today at 01:14:53 PM »
Aah that's sorted it - yes I was trying to access it from a bookmark. Thanks for the new link!
Edit: Can't say I'm a fan of the new format  :o
Hi Phil,

The club and its members cannot continue to absorb 100% of the financial cost of putting on this fantastic event.
Increasing fees associated with venue hire, permits, insurances, marquee hire and erection, tables, chairs, portable generators etc are absorbed by the club to a large extent. 

About 20% of the cost of putting on Spettacolo will be met by the $10 cash entry fee.  Another 30% will financed by our very valuable club and Show n Shine trophy sponsors.  The remaining 50% will be met by the club. 

Show n Shine entry this year will be free!


Victoria / Re: Alfa Romeo Spettacolo 2019
« Last post by Colin Edwards on Today at 09:51:45 AM »
Putting on Spettacolo costs the club (the members!) $13K<$15K per year.  Some of this is made up via sponsorship, however the vast majority of putting on Spettacolo is financed from club funds.  As the cost for putting on anything increases so does the financial impact on club. 

If we (the committee and club) treated Spettacolo like say a race event, we would have to charge about $40 per car entry. 
$10 cash per car entry to Spettacolo is relatively excellent value for money.  For the price of two coffees or 500ml of cheap brake fluid............I know where I'll be Sunday 1st December.

The usual $10 fee for Show n Shine entry has been waived............another reason for attending this fantastic event.

Bring the kids.......there will be face painting and other similar activities. 

Who wouldn't attend this event and be part of the largest gathering of Alfas in the Southern Hemisphere!
Thanks guys,

I'll put my 'good' glasses on and work it out  ::).  I still have all the components, intact.

Bazz, I was also wondering why a multimeter can't be used....?   Some sites reckon it could damage the head unit.

Craig, it will make a difference in my car.  All the speakers produce is an annoying rattle.  The foam 'suspension' that connects the outer edge of the cone to the speaker frame is gone on all 4 speakers.  But a better head unit is on the shopping list.
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