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General Discussion / Re: Alfa Romeo Stelvio
« Last post by Darryl on Today at 03:16:18 PM »
I can't see it because there is no heritage of mid-engined Alfas...  So the 4C gains attention as was the intention but it doesn't carry through to the Giulia, which is not a mid-engined sports car and has little in common with the 4C.

Sorry. Got to call foul on that one. Your thesis seems to be about what is or is not compatible with the brand or a halo car etc. You and I don't need to agree on our favorites but Alfa Romeo have built a lot of vehicles and configurations of them. The example *you* chose to make a point using is a clear tribute to an Alfa Romeo I have always lusted after and I don't seem alone (dealers' walls were plastered in pictures of it before there was any inkling of the 4C). The Tipo 33 Stradale, a mid-engine lightweight low volume "halo" car that I not only have no hope of ever owning, but I have no hope of even getting into if I stole one (I'm 6'4"). I do fit in a 4C... I'm sure Alfa made some concessions to making a marketable "halo" model when they made it relatively (a) affordable (using an engine out of a volume production car) and (b) possible for potential customers to actually get into (fitting their sandwiches in as well remains a problem, although at least they get toasted).

You also suggest a particular direction to go in from the Giulia sedan. Alfa has history of everything from stripped down race cars to luxury cars with varying degrees of practicality - the road going "luxury SUV" is a ridiculous label for a less low slung, more comfort and space oriented vehicle than road cars had been converging on. The marketing people needed a label, fast, when people wanted not a Camry and not a Hilux, and certainly not a Tarago.

But back to Alfa. Touring would have been happy to build a "SUV" (they would have considered it a limousine) for you on your 6C chassis.... Or build a low slung thing with a back seat, or yes, build something on a SWB chassis with no back seat and no roof.

But of course there is only so far you can stretch a platform. I think Alfa have managed to pick a good middle ground to start from with the Giulia. Lets see where they can take it and what else they come up with, but there is no denying where the volume is, so that's where they have gone first, and need to prove themselves. I'm not sure what exactly the road going SUV needs from its platform that the Stelvios doesn't have? What is the Macan's magic ingredient? And Porsche's SUV heritage is considerably more lacking than Alfas. On the other hand, if Alfa *had* made a sports car on the platform, would you have informed us how it was doomed because Porsche builds proper sports cars not based on sedan platforms and Alfa needs to try harder? Fair point actually - but isn't that what the prancing horse brand is for (barring the light-weight, small engine capacity approach - hmm - I present - again - exhibit 4C)? But maybe that should have been an Abarth  ;)

Alfa Romeo 2.0 JTS Manual 2009 48200kms
This car is in great condition all around as suggested by the fact it has only travelled 48000kms. It is very well serviced, mainly due to time rather than kms. The timing belt, water pump, accessory belt and tensioner/idlers were changed at 41700kms. It has 18 month old continental tyres with about 90% tread. Nothing to do with this car, just jump in and enjoy. Tan leather interior. Asking price of $15,000 ono

Please PM me
I am advertising these cars for a customer of mine; they have decided to reduce the size of their Alfa fleet a little.
They are the second owner of both cars. They both have full service histories and have been well maintained by an Alfa enthusiast who has taken both cars to various Alfa Specialists.

The cars are located in Brookvale, Sydney. Please PM me.

Alfa Romeo 3.2 V6 Manual 2004 90700kms
I would like to rattle on about the Busso V6 but we all know how great it is. The timing belt, water pump, accessory belt and tensioner/idlers were changed at around the 50,000km mark and the car has had oil changes every 5000-7500kms in the last 5 years. It has Michelins with about 80% tread. The car is in above average condition inside and out. Regularly polished and the black leather interior conditioned. The car has Koni yellow shock absorbers all around and has had a muffler replaced with an aftermarket option. Asking price of $14,000 ono
Hey mate. Ive used auto Italia n they are fantastic n alfa specialists. I have a Gtv6 3.0L, Alfa Gt, 159 tbi n owned 6 Giuliettas in the past.
I am currently fitting a 3.0 24v supercharged 166 motor to my gtv6.
My suggestion is that if ur handy with tools to take on most of the restoration urself or have very deep pockets!!!. Lots of the parts (new) can be sourced from the UK & Netherlands. Start with eb spares in uk. The 1750 engine is relatively easy to strip n ur heads csn go over to Harris engines in osbourne park to get reconditioned. If ur going down the route of squeezing more power outa the motor speak to Mario at Auto Italia. Hes involved in racing. The other do just standard stuff. John at Prototipi racing is also fantastic but he has closed down. Good luck with ur restoration however use the power of the internet to source parts n u will save a fortune.

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Victoria / Re: Spettacolo 2016 Thank you
« Last post by As the day goes on Today at 11:36:46 AM »
Victoria / Re: Sunday Drive 4th December
« Last post by Colin Edwards on Today at 07:36:18 AM »
Weather forecast still perfect - no rain 32C.  Might give the porterhouse a miss and go with cold meats and a nice pinot. 

Getting from Bundoora to Yarra Glen throws up a number of possible routes and great roads - ideal for the song of an Alfa.  South Morang?  Yarrambat?  Wattle Glen? Christmas Hills?

Looking forward to sitting on Babbo's knee!
Victoria / Re: Spettacolo 2016 Thank you
« Last post by Colin Edwards on Today at 07:15:55 AM »
Anyone like to guess at how many cars were there?
Victoria / Re: Spettacolo 2016 Thank you
« Last post by ALFAAA on Today at 07:12:53 AM »
Spot On :)
We are lucky to have John.
Spettacolo / Alfa display is the best day on the Calendar . ;D
General Discussion / Re: Some people...
« Last post by poohbah on Today at 05:35:27 AM »
I say live and let live. 90% of the time when I think honestly about crap that might bother me, in reality makes no actual difference to my life. Personally I'd rather have 4 80s Alfas parked on the road,  than a dozen new shitboxes any day, or someone who never mows their lawn. Whoever moaned about it was a miserable Sob In my opinion.
General Discussion / Re: Some people...
« Last post by Mick A on December 02, 2016, 11:08:09 PM »
I agree 100% with you that nobody should ever damage someone else's property on purpose.

But I don't agree with your attitude about keeping unregistered cars on the public road.

You should have some respect for your neighbours by not hogging the street with unregistered cars. Keep your property, on your property.

I guess now you've swapped them that's a good thing. But maybe that's what you should have done in the first place.


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