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Hi all I know this is a old thread but just wondering if anyone has ever run a cooler thermostat in these engines? I suspect for Europe the original rating was find but in Australia we get super hot summers. Has anyone used a cooler thermostat with a 105 housing with success?
Victoria / Re: Window tinting
« Last post by colcol on Today at 10:31:50 AM »
Usually the Dealers won't tell you who does their window tinting or fitting of accessories, they will tell you that they do it, but they get a sub contractor to do it.
And they will add their margin on the bill, which is all good, as they have worked out which sub contractor does a good job, so you are using their experience, as opposed to you going to dodgy window tinters who break things on your new Alfa Romeo, as its the first time they have seen one, Colin.
Victoria / Re: Window tinting
« Last post by shiny_car on Today at 09:31:08 AM »
Did you buy from a dealer? Ask them who they recommend. Even if you didn't buy from a dealer, you can ask Lance Dixon or Zagame who they recommend.

Years ago, I had Lance Dixon arrange tinted window pre-delivery for me on my old 156.

My Giulietta uses a system that Jim Nielsen set up for it, using the Mazda RX7 caliper over a DBA brand Mitsubishi Magna rotor (and the twin master, no booster set up). I've had the calipers rebuilt, bought several different pads for them and have purchased new rotors during my ownership. All parts easy to source and reasonably priced and the brakes are magic. The rotors come blank so you can have them drilled to any pcd you need.



Hi Brent, I did contact DBA via email in search for blank 164 rotors and was advised they don't provide blank rotors, hence I took up the fiat 500 abarth option.
Do you have a part # for the blank rotors for future reference?
Queensland / Re: New to QLD
« Last post by Scuba Steve on Today at 07:19:47 AM »
Sorry Bazzbazz, it was a little while ago so my memory is a little dim.

Merry Christmas mate
Western Australia / Refurbish rims
« Last post by GTA Neil on Today at 01:56:47 AM »
would like to get my rims refurbished, does anybody know any body good in Perth. Possibly in the south.

My GTA rims are looking a little tardy.

Victoria / Re: Window tinting
« Last post by colcol on December 19, 2014, 09:28:42 PM »
You are right, find someone who has done this car before and they will know the pitfalls.
On the 156 ebay website, you can buy pre-cut kits, i suppose the new Giulietta would be the same.
When cleaning the film, use a special non harsh ammonia free cleaner, which is available at window tinters.
Ask your insurance company first, if it is ok, just so you don't get any nasty surprises.
I had my 2 front windows done 35% and the back doors 50%.
Go with the tinter that has the best warranty, Colin.
General Discussion / Re: Alfa Romeo to Supercars?
« Last post by colcol on December 19, 2014, 06:08:18 PM »
As of today, Alfa Romeo still 12th overall, with 1.69 % of the votes, up from 1.66 %, with 81 votes, and you can only vote once, from your device, Colin.
Photos & Videos / Re: Sud off a cliff
« Last post by colcol on December 19, 2014, 06:00:27 PM »
I had a Fiat mate who had one, 1.6 pushrod motor, with single carb and leaf springs, his manual version was no faster than my 1.5 automatic Passat, i know cause back in the 70's we raced each other to and from the pub, back in the olden days when there were no speed camera's.
He admitted that it run out of puff at about 130 klms.
But it had a ripper rear handbrake, when Alfa Romeo were looking at cheapening the Alfasud replacment with the 33, the rear discs had to go, and the 131 brakes had long been for payed for its development and tooling.
In 305,000 klms, i have replaced the shoes on the back twice, the last time because of a leaking wheel cylinder, Colin.
Photos & Videos / Re: Sud off a cliff
« Last post by Sheldon McIntosh on December 19, 2014, 04:51:48 PM »
a Italian Morris Marina, [Fiat 131], Colin.

Markku Alen might disagree with your assessment of the 131....
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