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Title: Auto Italia Canberra 2012
Post by: AlfaACT on October 16, 2011, 04:48:39 PM
Title: Re: Auto Italia Canberra 2012
Post by: AlfaACT on March 01, 2012, 06:12:37 PM
Have you booked your accommodation yet?
Don't miss out on the special AIC accommodation offer from Rydges Capital Hill.
See the AIC web site for details:
Title: Re: Auto Italia Canberra 2012
Post by: AlfaACT on March 16, 2012, 11:31:46 PM
Auto Italia Canberra is only four weeks away so hopefully your preparations are all but done ...

There are a couple of points to note this year though, to ensure that you maximise your event experience:

1. The Canberra Marathon is being run on the same day! Therefore, many of the roads in the vicinity of the Lawns will be closed temporarily, early in the morning. (See the road closure map on the AIC web site). Exhibitors should therefore plan to arrive at Auto Italia Canberra after 8:30 am. This of course presents two unprecedented opportunities to the AIC exhibitor, either a) sleep in a bit longer, or b) spend a bit more time buffing la bella  :)

Our recommendations for a pleasant day out at Auto Italia is to:
i)   arrive after 8:30 am, if you are exhibiting (after 10 if you are just spectating);
ii)   be patient if the traffic near AIC is a little congested early in the day (i.e. 8:30ish);
iii)   approach & leave OPH Lawns from the south-west or south-east, i.e. via either of the intersections:
  Commonwealth Avenue and Langton Crescent; or
  Kings Avenue and King George Terrace.
(NB: These are likely to be the ONLY points for entry and departure to AIC on the day.)

Also, King Edward Avenue between Commonwealth Avenue and Kings Avenue (i.e. the road adjacent to the northern lawn) will be closed for most of the day. Access to AIC from the roads North of the Lawns will not be possible.
Check for a map with access routes.

2. Canberra has had a lot of rain lately! Yeah, who hasnít? But, itís been unusual for the Nationís Capital! Consequently, we have been advised that if there is more rain the week before the event, we may have to relocate Ė i.e off the lawns. This is not a show stopper, as there are lots of alternative sites.

Keep watching this space and/or the AIC web site ( or become a friend of AIC on facebook, to get the latest updates.

Despite these challenges, it should be an excellent day, so hopefully everyone will enjoy it.
Title: Re: Auto Italia Canberra 2012
Post by: AlfaACT on April 09, 2012, 05:07:57 PM
Less than a week to go now!
Hope everyone's preparations are all in order - I'm looking forward to greeting Forum Alfisti in Canberra.