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Title: Hello to all the rest of the crazy Alfa fans
Post by: 105s alive alfa parts on October 03, 2009, 07:54:51 PM

I am Angelo Zito, i am in the W.A side of things, I was crazy enough to start up a alfa 105 parts shop called 105's alive alfa romeo parts last year, at the moment it is mainly a internet shop, but i rent some space at Lucente motors in Bayswater, I started the business because i was getting rather anoyed at the fact that we couldn't enjoy the selection and low prices of some of the international shops (alfaholics, IAP, highwood) just because we are in Australia, please dont get me wrong there are some great Alfa parts shops here but none that speacialise in just 105 new parts or just the older models and manage to keep the prices down (well now that 105 factory is no longer in the spare parts game), Having it based as a internet shop has help keep overheads down but it means i spend around 8-10 hours a day or should i say late at night on the computer emailing supliers and customers, its been great so far i have met alot of great people and seeing there cars go through nice restorations is even better as the more of them back on the road is even better!

I have tried as hard as i can to help anyone who rings or emails me with questions in regards to their 105, not just with parts, but advice if i can, a great bonus i have is being in association with Tony from Lucente motors who knows every nut bolt and washer size for every model and who rebuilds the engines and gearbox's that i sell.

Its great to finally have joined this forum, if anyone needs any parts for their 105 you contact me via phone or email, please mention that you are a forum member because i will give a 10% discount on most parts where i can to forum members.

Nice to meet you all.