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Title: Removing rear side glass from 85GTV to weld rusty ledge?
Post by: 85GTV2000 on June 23, 2020, 11:01:42 AM
Hi, new to Alpha's and body repair but experienced with mechanical in general. 

My son Blair has the 85 GTV and we are in the process of cutting out the rust (both rear tail lamp area, lower front guards, front panel near radiator and side ledge of driver side rear glass) and welding in new steel.  But we can't get far in removing the inside trim and glass at the back side - looks like the inside chrome strip at the top of the panel near the glass has to come off to access whatever is holding the external chrome strip in place but try as we might it doesn't unclip or lever out... We don't want to force it any more than necessary for fear of distorting or damaging it.

The external chrome strip obviously needs to come off followed by the window and fixed glass sections to give full access to cut out and weld in replacement steel panel.  We've drilled out what pop rivets we could see in the area but didn't appear to make any difference.

Can anyone offer a step by step process on removing this?  We are scratching our heads and can't proceed.

Bill and Blair
Title: Re: Removing rear side glass from 85GTV to weld rusty ledge?
Post by: bonno on June 23, 2020, 02:36:27 PM
You will find that the rear external metal strips are fastened to inner body panel by either a rivet or screw and several metal clips. You will need to remove the inner rear trim panel and glass to gain access. A piece of flat plastic material and use of flat bladed screwdriver to remove external metal trim will assist here. I have attached a photo of metal strips showing attaching bracketing spot welded to trim.
Title: Re: Removing rear side glass from 85GTV to weld rusty ledge?
Post by: sportiva on June 23, 2020, 05:32:00 PM
The inner strips are riveted in place the outside strips are screwed in and also have S clips that fit down over the body seam then up for the strip to push down into, you have to remove the glass before you can remove the outside strips, the bailey channels have a screw through them at the middle and are riveted at the top under the bailey channel rubbers. The rear glass has a 10mm bolt that holds a pedistal for final fit and adjustment of the glass. To remove the small glass section lower the small window remove the bailey channel rubber them remove the rivets inside the bailey channel at the top this will allow the bailey channel to move forward and back relative to the car, there is a long screw that goes through the bailey channel via the inner body seam then screws into the outside seam. now remove the two screws that hold the glass to the cable and lower the glass down into inner guard now you need to manipulate the small glass the bailey channel and the rear glass to remove the small moveable window this is tricky and frustrating. Start with these instructions and ask more questions if you need to.
Title: Re: Removing rear side glass from 85GTV to weld rusty ledge?
Post by: poohbah on June 25, 2020, 12:00:14 AM
Bill, fellow Sandgroper GTV owner here. How's the rear valance panel ( just above the angled lip behind the bumper)? I decided to strip back what looked like fairly minor bubbles on mine, and ended up having to chop out almost half the entire panel including the first inch of the boot floor... completely rotten.
Title: Re: Removing rear side glass from 85GTV to weld rusty ledge?
Post by: 85GTV2000 on July 04, 2020, 10:27:22 AM
Thanks guys, much appreciated and apologies for the late reply - extremely busy the last few weeks with no letup in sight.

Now that restrictions are lifted a bit it is full-on at work and weekends spent with the domestic stuff!  Blair is in the same boat shift working so a bit harder for him.

We'll move cautiously with your collective advice, maybe the delay is a good thing... Yet to look at the rear Poohbah but will add inspection to the list, thanks mate.

Bill and Blair