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Title: Alfa 33 Hoses
Post by: Ben3445 on March 28, 2020, 04:00:03 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm starting to get my Alfa 33 road ready, and I ran into a couple of niggles last night.

1. When I was replacing a knackered hose, I found that there was a ball bearing lodged into each end of a hose linking the two carbs together. I'm a bit confused, as this essentially blocks the airflow and renders the hose useless. I'm assuming the previous owner did it but I can't figure out why. (It's the top hose in the two pictures below)

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2. While replacing the worn hoses, I think I may have knocked out a different hose. It comes out of the passenger side carb, and after searching through the engine bay I can't find where it's supposed to attach to. While the car was running last night there wasn't any fluid or air coming out of it, so I can't figure out what it's for.

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When I started it up last night and let it idle for a while, it seemed to be running well considering how long it's been since it was last started. I'm kind of taking an "If it ain't broke" approach at the moment, but I would like to figure out for peace of mind.

Thanks in advance for any help you could give me guys, I'm looking forward to getting my first Alfa fit and out on the road ;D


Title: Re: Alfa 33 Hoses
Post by: on May 07, 2020, 01:44:49 PM
The loose hose in the right pic is the distributors vaccum advance line with which should attach to passenger side carby on the outer rear side vac port. As for the ball bearing im not aware of any.  I do know that the return line from the drivers side carby is smaller in size and is restrictive, so you cant have this as the fuel input line.hope this helps?!