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Title: Step nose project
Post by: julianB on May 28, 2018, 09:54:06 AM
My car is a 68, that has been media blasted back to bare. It has some typical rust and not so typical accident repair that is going to require two entire rear quarters, a beaver and rear floors.
My GTV6 re-re-build is a bit slow (my own damn fault for going a bit too far with it), so I'm Eyeing off my step nose project and looking to start with some info and opinions, please:

Given that I'm starting with a bare metal shell, I'd like some advice from people who have experience with similar:

Namely, floors, quarters etc.
What's the difference between vendors in regards to quality and ease of fitment?
I realise Alfaholics is basically a one stop shop, but are you paying them a premium for their name and handling, when you could go straight to the source and achieve the same outcome for less?

Does anyone have experience with other company panels?

To GTA or not to GTA, that is the question?
The car has an 8v TS, so I will likely build it into a bumper-less GTA homage- opinions
On how this affects desirability and values, please?
Of course, I love the idea of a high comp, big valve TS on throttle bodies, but what's the consensus with running carbs vs ITB and This leads to the question of building an Alfaholics style car with a bare interior, finished to show standards with a cage, or a carpeted interior...

Paint codes for 1968... I can find later codes but nothing for a step nose... does anyone have an image or know a link?
Following that, what interior combinations were available? Being a 68, I've been told they had both early and later dashes and seats, so I have a bit of freedom here, or am
I incorrect?

Lastly, if this is the case, a pair of flying buttress seats is wanted, so if anyone knows of a pair, please point me towards them.

Lastly, in my situation, given the above car, what would you do?

Ciao all
Title: Re: Step nose project
Post by: Citroënbender on May 28, 2018, 10:14:28 AM
Any chance of some work-in-progress “porn”? I really love seeing the history and build of cars laid bare with a media or immersion strip.

That said, I also understand the desire of some to not post such images as the kangaroo court of social media can then besmirch a car and restorer so ably; “Oh, that’s the one which was effectively re-shelled”...
Title: Re: Step nose project
Post by: julianB on May 28, 2018, 03:06:10 PM
Not worried about kangaroo court!
Make no bones about it- this car will need some serious TLC and I won't be cutting corners- a step nose is too desirable (I actually don't really like smooth nose 105s)
As for the car being re-shelled, part of documenting the work is to justify the amount it's insured for and maybe one day, sold for, so anyone with doubts can look at the build and say "it's not going to rust" etc etc
While my GTV6 project is going so slow, I thought I'd start the research and accumulation of bits for this- hence the post and request for opinions and experience.
I hope to start some time next year- although I may start accumulating bits later this year.
Title: Re: Step nose project
Post by: aggie57 on May 29, 2018, 12:17:56 AM
I'm confused, you say the GTV6 project is taking longer than you wanted as you bit off more than you could chew.  But you want to start another project?  Why?
Title: Re: Step nose project
Post by: julianB on May 29, 2018, 08:15:24 PM
Not starting it per se, just going to begin the process of getting panels together, going through what came with the car and selling the bits I plan to replace with new stuff.
Once the GTV6 has had the majority of its mechanical mods done, I'll look to get the step nose metal work completed and get it into primer.
The shell is undercover and has a preserving coat on it but I want to get the metal work done and have it in primer to preserve it so I can begin the build process properly

Title: Re: Step nose project
Post by: LaStregaNera on May 30, 2018, 02:15:54 PM
I'm of the understanding that most of the panels come from the same provider (Except Wolfe steel - there was a time they were the only game in town, but those days are gone and their panels are crap). I used both Alfaholics and Classic Alfa.

The classic look of early dash, AR501 red, GTA rep, while common, would probably provide the greatest return down the road... Having said that, I love the metallic blue car that Alfaholics did, and the early dash/late dash conundrum probably isn't that big an issue - the 1750 style tacho is such a good looking gauge.