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Title: which racing tyres ?
Post by: simmi1983 on February 06, 2017, 07:19:01 PM
Hi everyone,

Just wondering what the tyre of choice is these days.  I have always been fond of the yoko advan a050 but they seem harder to get and a little bit dearer than I remember.  I have used the g/s (soft) advan before and was very impressed with those, but just wondering what everyone else prefers. I will be going with medium if I go advans by the way as the softs seem to be better on short runs.

I am using a 14" x 6.5 speedline rim and will be doing italian challenge , sprints, hillclimbs and regularities.
I have looked at kumho and can only find 185 width where as I can get an advan in 196/60/14 which I like better due to the width.

Let us know your thoughts.


Title: Re: which racing tyres ?
Post by: Neil Choi on February 06, 2017, 09:06:25 PM

Dunlop DZ03G
Bridgestone RE11S
Yokohama A050
In medium, not soft unless you have lots of $$$ and a new set for qualifying then new set for each race (race, not event). Some have a set of softs as wets.

Nothing else is better.
All uses 195/60/14 in Group S.